One Punch Man Workout: The Science Behind Saitama Workout

One Punch Man Workout is one of the most interesting workout routines you’ll ever encounter.

Defying the norms of numerous personal trainers and personal trainers, the One Punch Man Workout is an alternative workout that made a Manga Saitama character the most powerful man that ever lived.

He travels a lonely route of being a super-hero who is able to defeat foes with one blow.

Within this post, we’ll be discussing the story behind The One Punch Man Workout, what it can offer you, the muscles it can work, how practical it is, the diet you need and how the Saitama Workout can be done everyday!.

Saitama’s Story

An unemployed 22-year-old Japanese man who would like to be a superhero.

But to become an effective superhero, you need to build up his strength. This can only happen by an intense training regime.

After returning from a failed application, it was discovered that he ran into Crablante the Mysterious Being who transformed into a humanoid lizard after eating the crab too much and undergoing Metamorphosis.

Crablante wanted to eat some one, but Saitama saved him. After a victory, Saitama pulls out the eye of Crablante with his tie and takes on the crabman. It motivates Saitama to follow his goal and become a superhero.

That’s how the Saitama Workout was invented.

However, Saitama has a dark about it from Our Articles

While he was the strongest man Saitama did not feel happy. He was so strong the enemy could be defeated with one hit. There was no threat to him, and he felt less content and his lifestyle more empty.

How did Saitama become the most formidable man?

Saitama followed a program of exercise for three years before becoming the world’s toughest man.

He trained every throughout the day. After one and a half years, he got so strong that it was difficult to keep his hair. But that didn’t hinder him. He realized that he was becoming superhero.

What exactly is actually Saitama Workout?

One Punch Man Workout

100 Push-ups 100 Sit-ups

100 Squats

10 Km run.

Every single day!

Do not have to complete this starting from day one. In the following article, we’ll provide you with the necessary steps for a 100 reps.

What can One Punch Man Workout make you strong?

If you think you could take down anyone in one blow It is achievable without working out routines.

Comically that not being the aspect, this Saitama Workout is slightly radical in comparison to other exercises. For instance, it doesn’t have rest days, it includes a lot of repetitions, as well as the same exercises every day.

The overload and specificity principle of exercise physiology can help in working the same muscle every day. Research has proven that working compound exercise is more effective when repeated more often.

The capacity of mitochondria and the oxidative process are increased with more frequent training.

Beware of using the air conditioner in the summer, or to heat the winter. You can build your mind stronger – Saitama

Training for exercise is an adaptable process. Through regular training, your human body goes through a continuous process of adaptation. However, this calls for many hours of effort and sacrifice.

Athletes with extreme agile physique train hard as such which involves working more muscle groups each day. They include boxers MMA fighters and calisthenics masters.

100 reps, followed by a 10-kilometer run is not the most difficult exercise. However, it requires a significant amount of work for the beginner.

While you may not be able to meet your fitness targets you should follow the Saitama Workout exercise program can increase your fitness to its highest levels.

What is a Punch Man Workout help you?

If you’re looking for fitness, endurance and an athletic physique, your Saitama Workout will be fun it’s motivating, uplifting and very rewarding.

Each compound exercise, it covers each primary muscle on the upper body as well as the lower body, and core.

As you are able to see in the graphic, the three compound bodyweight exercises are designed to target all the primary muscles used.

The Push-Ups include shoulders traps, delts, and upper abs

Sit-Ups: Abs, obliques, lower back

Squats: Hamstrings, quads, hips, calves, back, knees

Ten miles of running will boost your endurance as it will increase the rate of VO2 (maximum level of oxygen consumption) and mitochondrial oxidative capacity.


Here are some additional benefits associated with One Punch Man Workout and why you should try it.

Cardiovascular health: Running will boost your heart’s muscles. When you exercise your heart pumps faster into your lungs as well as throughout the body. The flow of blood increases to your muscles, and the oxygen levels increase in your blood.

Exercise for endurance training: Repetitive training can help you build endurance. Just like running affects your heart, exercise can help you build strong muscles. Research shows that greater reps adapt quicker to training when comes to endurance exercise.

It is easy to adhere to: Besides the physiological and physical benefits the exercise is easy to follow. One workout regime every day. It makes it easier for a trainer for a workout if he knows what he should do and are expecting from the workout.

No-gym: Bodyweight workouts are very popular due to their multiple benefits and the ability to do them at any time. However, regardless of where you are, there is no reason to stop doing the same thing every day.

Fun and motivational: The fitness routine can be enjoyable once you’ve mastered the challenge and keep going every day. When you’ve completed your exercise every day, it gives you a great sense of achievement. You’ll also be proud to tell your friends about what you’re doing even though they could say you’re crazy.

The exercise may sound crazy and can cause risk for overtraining and muscle injuries and soreness.

Injuries and overtraining

Compound exercises as stated in the One Punch Man Workout are routine everyday movements that our ancestors have been doing almost every single day.

Therefore, if you do regular exercise over time, your body will change exactly as it did for prehistoric ancestors.

The same muscle every day may cause discomfort in muscles because those workouts aren’t normal and are not suitable for everyone.

The exercises are repetitive and are performed as part of daily routine. By putting on more pressure gradually, you won’t cause fatigue, soreness and injuries.

It is possible to start slowly and avoid overtraining yourself.

How to Do 100 Reps

The goal of reaching 100 in one step is not wise on the initial day or the first few days. It is possible to pace yourself toward 100 reps.

There’s two approaches you will be able to achieve this:

  • Break it up into sets
  • Minutes for resting at set

First Week

20 reps, 5 sets in each workout.

Rest for 2-3 minutes in between.

3 times a week

Second Week

25 reps on 4 sets

1-minute period of rest

4 times per week

The remainder of the time You should check your performances and keep it up: cut down on the rest and sets.

It’s the aim to go up about 100 reps for one session, and it can be much slower than it should require.

According Saitama’s view, the main thing is to perform it every day! However, it is possible to spend a long time reaching it.

How to Reach 10Km?

Running is a crucial part in the Saitama Workout. The average person does not run for 10 miles.

But you can if you are patient. Saitama says it’s going to be painful, but the rewards cannot be matched.

First Week

Start with 3-5 kilometers

3 times a week

Second Week

5-7 km

Four times a week

The remaining weeks, gradually increase both the distance and speed.

Once you feel you have stopped at 3-4 times a week, then you should try your hand at it daily. It might take a while.


Get your distance up by 10% each week.

Try to run at 60-70 percent of your sprint speed.

Slow down when losing breath.

Saitama’s Diet

Saitama talks about diets in one sentence.

Three meals a day is recommended and be sure to eat breakfast (a banana in the morning can be a good choice).

There’s a lot of wisdom in that phrase. Food is what you choose to eat, breakfast is vital as are bananas, which are a stimulant.

We recommend that you consume at minimum .8g per pound of your weight. Prior to the workout, consume your carbs in and some vegetables for an adequate diet.


One Punch Man inspires many of its fans to become superheroes.

However, when we search on websites, no one seems to have done the workout consistently, and we haven’t witnessed a real-life demonstration.

The training is easy, doable, and comparatively far from being the most demanding one. There are many athletes as well as mixed martial artists that go through more rigorous training.

Science and similar exercises speak of its advantages. A workout like the Saitama Workout is a reality and you should take the time to test it out.

Let us know what you think of your experience with the One Punch Man Workout.